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Schools and other educational facilities are the repositories of our hopes for the future of our nation. In those hallowed halls we mold the minds of those that seek the knowledge needed to build a better tomorrow. We have invested huge sums to create high quality facilities, and we funnel tax dollars as well as private funds into computers and communications equipment for those facilities. Yet we often do not recognize that the electrical systems of those facilities plus the computers and communications in those facilities are under constant attack from transients impinging on the electrical system.

While about 20% of all electrical problems are the result of external events such as lightning, and utility grid switching actions, over 80% are caused by events occurring inside of the facility. Automatic events such as the HVAC kicking on, or elevators moving as well as simple actions such as turning the lights on and off can cause transient voltages. Over time these transient voltage surges degrade and/or destroy electronics. Also surges do more than destroy computer and communications equipment: they also degrade and/or ruin electrical outlets, light switches, fluorescent lights, HVAC components, and Elevator controls.

How long it takes surges to degrade electronic and electrical equipment depends on the size and source of the surges. If lightning is the source then large portions of the buildings electronics (perhaps even all) can receive major damage or be destroyed in well under a second. While internally generated transients may take several years to degrade other electronics enough to cause their failure. The elimination of transient induced wear and damage can result in large maintenance savings.

A properly configured comprehensive layered protection system covering all wiring based equipment will quickly pay for itself and reduce maintenance costs for years to come. The Total Protection Solutions team offers facility surveys that will help you determine the optimum layered surge protection system to insure that minimized maintenance costs. Call your local Total Protection Solutions distributor today to get help in cutting facility operating expenses.     (303) 790-7656

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