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Fire Alarm/Security

Properly functioning fire alarms and security systems are a critical for personnel safety. Yet those systems are built around integrated circuits (ICís) which are highly susceptible to transient damage. If an IC fails the facility could be without fire or security alarms. Building alarm circuits (whether fire or security) are tied to both the power system and the communications systems. Because of their attachment to more than a single line that goes through the wall of the facility alarm circuits are even more likely to experience damaging surges that other electronic equipment. Every effort needs to be made to insure that each location where a wire transitions from the inside of the building to the outside of the building has a surge protection device installed. Facility and equipment managers that want to be certain that they have properly functioning alarm systems should call their local Total Protection Solutions distributor today to get help in improving the reliability those systems and in cutting their facility operating expenses.     (303) 790-7656

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