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Over the last several decades there have been spectacular breakthroughs in medicine. Many of those breakthroughs have been driven by the sizzling pace of advance experience in medical electronics. Imaging, monitoring, data management, and instrumentation equipment has never been more capable. Unfortunately, medical electronics have also never been more susceptible to damage from transients because all of the new devices include sensitive and powerful integrated circuits.

While hospitals, laboratories, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities may appear to be electrically benign environments they actually represent the electronic equivalent of a war zone. Elevators, air handlers, imaging equipment, and many other types of equipment in the facility all create large numbers of surges. In fact medical equipment is impacted by literally millions of transients during its operating life causing damage, degradation, and excessive maintenance costs. Not only are there higher than necessary medical equipment maintenance expenses but the quality of patient care is reduced.

Also surges do more than destroy imaging, monitoring, data management, and instrumentation equipment: they degrade and/or ruin electrical outlets, light switches, fluorescent light, HVAC components, and Elevator controls. The net result is that the elimination of transient induced wear and damage can result in large maintenance savings for all types of medical facilities. Facility managers for hospitals, laboratories, clinics, doctor’s offices that are finding themselves under constant pressure to reduce operating costs need a comprehensive layered protection system covering all wiring based equipment. A properly configured comprehensive layered protection system covering all wiring based equipment will quickly pay for itself and reduce your maintenance costs for years to come.

The Total Protection Solutions team offers facility surveys that will help you determine the optimum layered surge protection system to insure that minimized maintenance costs. Call your local Total Protection Solutions distributor today to get help in improving the reliability of your medical electronic investments and in cutting your facility operating expenses.     (303) 790-7656

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