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Water Treatment

Each year the general public becomes increasingly concerned about the quality of the water they receive, and government authorities become more critical and demanding regarding waste treatment. This in turn has driven tighter regulation and higher standards for water treatment facilities. The result has been more sensors, monitoring instrumentation, and elaborate SCADA control systems. With increased electronics in every water treatment facility has come increased sensitivity to transient voltage surges. This at the same time that penalties for system failure and/or accidental discharges have become ever more severe. Couple career risk with the costs associated with the direct damage to facility electrical systems, electronic equipment, and software as well as the costs of downtime and a comprehensive layered protection system covering all wiring based equipment in a water treatment facility becomes a “must do” investment.

The Total Protection Solutions team offers facility surveys that will help you determine the optimum layered surge protection system to insure that the systems the public relies on are not damaged. Call your local Total Protection Solutions distributor today and start moving from worrying to winning.     (303) 790-7656

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