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Even though a company designs the most useful and feature laden electronics in the world, with the best user interface anyone has ever created, customers won’t be happy if the product isn’t reliable. Regardless of whether the end user is a company, or a consumer, they expect high quality and reliability. In fact many customers of electronic equipment tend to focus their loyalty even more on quality and reliability than they do on product feature set. Since all electronic equipment is constantly under siege from transients one of the best reliability related choices that an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can make is to build the proper surge protection equipment right into their own product. By building the right surge protector into their product the OEM is working to insure warranty costs are minimized while customer satisfaction is maximized. OEM’s seeking to make sure that their customers experience the lowest possible maintenance and repair costs will call their local Total Protection Solutions distributor today.     (303) 790-7656

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