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Surge Protection Products



Authoritative studies by power industry experts as far back as 1993 estimated that problems caused by transient voltage surges in just the US cost companies an amazing $26 billion annually. In the intervening years the amount of electronic equipment installed throughout the world has drastically increased, and the costs associated with damage and downtime from transient voltage surges have increased correspondingly. This stunning waste of money/resources includes the costs of direct damage to facility electrical systems, electronic equipment, and software as well as the costs of downtime and lost productivity. The truly sad part of this is that a relatively small investment in the right surge protection solution could prevent these costs. Companies seeking long term savings through reduced electrical maintenance, equipment repair costs, and downtime will want a comprehensive layered protection system that covers all of their wiring based systems.

Total Protection Solutions offers industrial companies facilities surveys to determine the proper comprehensive layered protection system to increase their equipment reliability and facility productivity. Those seeking the maximum return on their investments and looking for improvements to their bottom line profitability should call their local Total Protection Solutions distributor today.     (303) 790-7656

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